Michelle Costello is an actress, professional dancer, sports model, athlete, and creator & instructor of Booty Bake® Fitness. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  


Michelle grew up north of Boston, where she started dancing at the age of 3! Soon after that she was playing sports and competing with the boys. A bit of a (girly) tomboy, this one. Softball, track, a little bit of cheerleading and even football at school, plus eventually weight training and creating her style of movement.


After graduating a year early and receiving her BFA in Dance from The University of Arizona, Michelle moved to L.A, and found a greater love for fitness.  It has truly become a lifestyle for Michelle, and she enjoys being able to share her love, inspiration and motivation with others.  Michelle fell into acting.  She booked Hulu show, "East Los High," where she was not only dancing the entire season, but introduced to small speaking parts.  Being able to actually speak her truth and play, and not just do so with movement, was absolutely exhilarating to her.  This was it-- she wanted to be an actress. It was new; it was exciting. How many more people could she reach this way?!


Michelle has done various work with TV/film, commercials, print, online, live performances/award shows, fitness videos & ads, you name it since making her move across country! (See Credits.) She loves being able to combine her different loves for acting, fitness and dance with different platforms to be able to relate to and reach a various audience.  We all find someone we’re able to relate to, even if it’s just for a moment.  Michelle hopes to continue inspiring others while doing what she loves.  


Michelle follows her "Meraki" mantra, where she believes in doing everything with creativity, love and passion; when you put all of yourself into what you do, whatever that may be.  Her passion and positive outlook on life has definitely helped her to not only advance within her career, but allows her to really connect with others in helping them to achieve their own goals.


Whether Michelle is acting, dancing or working out on set, or training/instructing clients, she will always give you 120%! You will be impressed and want to work with her again and again!



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